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Line billion, cable chain Global

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Brand Advantage

Brand Advantage

  • Xinya was founded in May 1996, Xinya has access to UL in 2003, CSA ISO, 9001:2000 system certification.
  • In 2005 achieved CCC product certification and in 2015 to obtain TS16949:2009, PSE and other international system certification.
  • More than 10 thousand square meters of production base, first-class automated production equipment and testing equipment. Set research and development, design, manufacturing, service in one, has a research and development team of 30 experts.
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Product Advantage

  • Using high quality raw materials, in compliance with the safety level of the country.
  • 20 years of research and development team, ingenuity and precision production.
  • Automated production equipment, man-machine integrated detection and verification system.
  • High quality cable products leading peer, is the choice for enterprises to help you.
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National Service Hotline : 0755-29899183

Product Advantage
Customer Advantage

Customer Advantage

  • Brought together a number of experienced industrial product appearance designers, software engineers, structural engineers, can provide the vast number of industry customers from new product development.
  • For industry customers to build cloud platform to build information release system, client information systems, electricity suppliers under the single system.
  • Product improvement to mold manufacturing, product shell production and processing, after processing the surface of the overall technical assistance.
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Service Advantage

  • The five-star business team, to give you the best service.
  • Senior engineering research and development team, to provide you with technical support, the design of various types of cable.
  • Professional procurement personnel, to provide you with the value of raw materials.
  • The ingenuity of the production team, provide quality products for your cable.
  • Carp quality personnel, give you solve all the menace from the rear.

National Service Hotline : 0755-29899183

Service Advantage
Focus on 20 years, strive for excellence, to create a century brand!

National Service Hotline

0755-2989 9183


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Into the Xinya wire

Line billion, cable chain Global

Xinya wire & cable (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd belongs to Lianying Polytron Technologies Inc, headquartered in Taipei, in 2008 listed in Taipei.

Xinya was founded in May 1996 established in Shenzhen City, is a professional production and sales: wire and cable using a variety of special occasions (special cable) and conventional professional manufacturer of wire and cable.

My company's main products are: towline cable, control cable, cable, automotive cable, servo medical wire, UL safety cable, CCC cable, coaxial cable GB varieties. The products are sold to China, Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia.



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